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Date Series Message Subject Teacher
09.05.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah A Teacher & a Builder Randy Blankenship
09.12.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Obeying God's Call Ty Rogers
09.19.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Worship Ryan Ramsey
09.26.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Our Lord is Not a Wimp! Mike Bolinger
10.03.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Relying on God Mike Lupoi
10.10.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Dealing with Guilt Brent Cohick
10.17.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah True Repentance Demetrius Warren
10.24.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Prayer Will Price, Jr.
11.31.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah God's Protection Kent Wilson
11.07.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Testimony: A Fight in the Dark! Kevin Smith
11.14.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah You Can Get There From Here Bob Knowling
11.21.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah God Helps the Hurting Chuck McCoskey
11.28.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah God's Love & Faithfulness Jim Butcher
12.05.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Demonstrating Faith Mike Garro
12.12.2012 Ezra & Nehemiah Giving to the Church Jon Tice

God's Word

Hope For Our Times Paul Martin
01.16.2013 God's Word The Relevance of God's Word
(Sorry the recording did not work)
Casey Cline & Travis Taflinger
01.23.2013 God's Word Why Is This Happening to Me? Mike Dunn
01.30.2013 God's Word Try Again Demetrius Warren
02.06.2013 God's Word Sanctify Me.....Holy Spirit! Jeff Egloff
02.13.2013 God's Word What's Love Got to do With It? Brian Cook
02.20.2013 God's Word Perseverance: When Times Get Tough Stan Rebber
02.27.2013 God's Word Assurance of God's Love Jerry Van Auken
03.06.2013 God's Word The Prayer of Jabez Mike Garro
03.13.2013 God's Word Peace: Promised to Believers Will Price, Jr.
03.20.2013 God's Word How's Your Love Life? Van Taylor
03.27.2013 God's Word Playing With Fire! Randy Blankenship
04.03.2013 God's Word Lessons From Job
(Sorry the recording did not work)
Kent Wilson
04.10.2013 God's Word Shroud of Turin Researcher Barrie Schwortz
04.17.2013 God's Word The Keys to Victorious Living Jim Butcher
04.24.2013 God's Word The Love of Christ Kevin Butcher
05.01.2013 God's Word "Go and Do!" Sean Cooper
05.08.2013 God's Word
05.15.2013 God's Word

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