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Date Series Message Subject Teacher
09.14.2005 Temptations of a Man Pornography Jim Butcher
09.21.2005 Temptations of a Man Adultery Jim Jacobs
09.28.2005 Temptations of a Man Sins of the Father Nick Pate
10.05.2005 Temptations of a Man Integrity Dan Johnson
10.12.2005 Identity of a Man Grace: God Toward Us Brad Johnson
10.19.2005 Identity of a Man Grace: Us Toward Others Randy Blankenship
10.26.2005 Discipleship of a Man Prayer Phil Templin
11.02.2005 Discipleship of a Man Scripture Jon Tice
11.09.2005 Discipleship of a Man Christian Fellowship Bob Gray
11.16.2005 Discipleship of a Man Life of Obedience Paul Martin
11.23.2005 Maturing of a Man Leading at Home Steve Beutler
11.30.2005 Maturing of a Man Leading at Work Jerry O'Dell
12.07.2005 Maturing of a Man Leading at Church Bob Constable
12.14.2005 Maturing of a Man Leading in the Community Bob Cox
01.11.2006 Shaping of a Man A Shaky Past Jim Jacobs
01.18.2006 Shaping of a Man Betrayal! Bob Gray
01.25.2006 Shaping of a Man Remaining Faithful Jim Jacobs
02.01.2006 Shaping of a Man Hang On! Kent Wilson
02.08.2006 Shaping of a Man Trusting God Brad Johnson
02.15.2006 Shaping of a Man Resisting Temptation Jerry O'Dell
02.22.2006 Shaping of a Man Life's Not Fair Randy Blankenship
03.01.2006 Shaping of a Man Success in Prison Dan Johnson
03.08.2006 Shaping of a Man I Met the Master in a 6x12 Cell George Quinn
03.15.2006 Shaping of a Man Igniting Hope Jim Butcher
03.22.2006 Shaping of a Man The Test of Being Overlooked Phil Templin
03.29.2006 Shaping of a Man The Test of Quick Success Steve Beutler
04.05.2006 Shaping of a Man God Provides Jon Tice
04.12.2006 Shaping of a Man God Builds Character Mike Garro
04.19.2006 Shaping of a Man God at Work Paul Martin
04.26.2006 Shaping of a Man No Guarantee Jim Butcher
05.03.2006 Shaping of a Man A Transformed Man Bob Gray
05.10.2006 Shaping of a Man For God's Glory Paul Martin
05.17.2006 Shaping of a Man Tough Times Lead to God's Glory Dr. Charles Henry

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